Marketing and Business Audit

This will help you understand your business from a marketing perspective

The Marketing and Business Audit is made up of 53 questions composed to provide you with a marketing perspective on your business.

This audit is not supposed to be easy

To get the most of this audit requires more than just simple answers. You should plan to spend 1-2 hours answering the questions in as much detail as possible.

The Questions...

Step 1 of 7 - What Am I Marketing?

  • Lets start with an easy one.
  • Sometimes the product or service itself is not the biggest attraction. If you work with a well known brand or you're well known to your customer base, it might be worth focusing on yourself or your brand for your marketing.
  • Some brands will only let you say certain things in your marketing. Evaluate what's already available to you. Does it need to be changed? Do your new marketing materials need to reflect the design? Are you required to put disclaimers or logos on your marketing?
  • For example product samples, alternative services, or something with your logo/tagline.
  • For example, a car might symbolize independence, or an alarm system might symbolize security.
  • For example, Jolly Good Media's values are on our home page. They are informed clients, good communication, and clean & functional design. Try not to say honesty. Everyone says honesty.
  • tagline could make you 15% or more on your marketing materials.
  • A divorce attorney and a jewelry salesman deal with different emotions. What emotions are your customers experiencing when they interact with your product?
  • Does this need to be consistent throughout your marketing materials? Spending 15 minutes on your Was your business started a long time ago? This could be an asset as older companies are seen as more trustworthy. Was the company beginning memorable? Was it inspirational? Mary Kay often use their origin story to their advantage.
  • For example, Honda cars are known for reliability.
  • Is it the people you work with? The opportunities it brings? What your business gives to customers?