Lark, Matthew, and Jolly Good Media  

A Partnership Built on Trust

The internet of today will be different than the one you wake up to tomorrow. It will be larger and stranger and there’s no guarantee what works right now will hold up in the future.

Finding a partner who can simplify and even manage your internet presence is critical. Jolly Good Media was built upon a lifelong partnership between Matthew Broderick and Lark Ismail. And those same principles of partnership are what drive Jolly Good Media to advance the cause of their small business clients.

Partnerships designed to help small business navigate the internet are more important now than ever before:

- Marketing tactics live and die by small tweaks to Google algorithms.
- Web platforms and tools appear, disappear and merge together daily.
- Sites ignored by their owners gather dust just like anything else—and your customers do notice.

To make matters worse, thousands of agencies claim to have their client’s best interests at heart, only to disappear when the business needs them most.

We see business partnerships differently. We’re always ready to handle a client issue, whether it involves site maintenance, a design change or a domain renewal. And if a client needs something that isn’t within our area of expertise, we find someone that can do it.

That’s what makes us different from so many other agencies out there, and it’s why our client partnerships are endeavors that go on for years, not months.

Contact us today to learn how a true agency partnership can simplify your digital presence and your business. We look forward to hearing from you!

Matthew Broderick

Owner & Design Director

Matthew with laptop
Lark with an ipad

Lark Ismail

Owner & Managing Director

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