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Getting Found on Google Search

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Business owners who want to get found on Google search sometimes think of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a one time switch you can

turn on. This isn’t the case. Years ago businesses could flood their websites with poor quality material and use tricks to get to the top of Google. Today, Google’s algorithm is smarter than ever and takes hundreds of factors into account to rank websites. Curious as to what these are? Ask us a question or watch for our upcoming blog.

Most experts say website owners should realistically expect their efforts to take 6 months to show significant movement.

Don’t want to wait? Jump to the top with an impressive Google Business Listing.

When you search for your profession with your location in Google, you may notice something very interesting. The first 3-4 spots are ads but before the typical website rankings are Google Business Listings associated with Google maps. It can take a long time to out compete with a competitor that has had an active online presence and ranked #1 for years. These listings will give you the edge you need and you can show up at the top if you have a great listing (many quality reviews) and the potential customer is located closer to you. That is where the local map part of the listings comes in.

Note: If you have a physical location and are in an industry where people sometimes look for a service near them with short notice (such as restaurants) then your Google Business Listing could be priceless. An example would be if someone is traveling around a city and would like to grab some lunch. To provide the best service as a search engine Google will want to prioritize showing them restaurants that are open at lunchtime, have high ratings, and are physically located closest to the user on Google Maps. 

Have you claimed your Google Listing?

Even if you’ve never heard of Google Business Listings before, you probably already have one! Google aggregates many data sources to make sure that their map service is accurate for users. These can include business registrations, yellow page directories, utility records, and others.

Get started by visiting and sign in using a Google account or Gmail account to get started. You can create a new account if you don’t have one. After you find your address and current listing if there is one, you will need to verify your address so Google can be sure you are actually the business owner. This is often done by a postcard with a verification code in the mail or sometimes using quicker online methods.

Not sure what to do? We assist businesses with verifying their Google listing for free. Send us an email to schedule a meeting. 

Making Sure your Listing is Top Notch

Important steps:

  • Fill out everything with as much information as possible!
    • Don’t Forget:
      • Name of your Business
      • Business Categories
      • Your Business hours
      • Holiday hours
      • Service area
      • Location
      • Phone number
      • Website URL
      • Appointment URL (if applicable)
      • Services/Products list with full descriptions
      • Brief description of your business
      • Opening date
      • Logo
      • Interior/Exterior photos if applicable
      • Product or Team photos if applicable
      • Videos – Not sure what to do? Check out these 13 business video ideas
      • Regular posts & updates. These can include news, events, product information, sales, and more
      • Set up messaging so that visitors can chat with your team and ask questions

According to Google, businesses with photos see 35% more clicks to their website and 42% higher requests for driving directions in Google Maps.

Want to Impress? Make sure to get Reviews!

When visitors are looking at the Google Business Listings they inevitable gravitate towards the shiny 5 star reviews. This is why your goal is to have more of these than your competitors.

Google encourage you to ask your customer to leave a review and to remind them that it is quick and easy.

The first step is to create an easy link to share with your customers. Follow these steps.

After your customer leaves a review, be sure to send them a reply to show you value their input or answer any concerns.

Once you have improved your listing – Keep going! Continue to ask for more reviews, publish new posts, add new photos, and make sure your listing is always up to date. Google will reward you.

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