The Lancaster Air Show – Let’s talk about SYNERGY!

Lancaster thunderbirds in the air

Every town has it’s heroes. It safe to say that the Air Force and associated Aerotech companies are one of Lancaster’s biggest. We just returned from a pre-show on Lancaster Boulevard for tomorrows air show and patriotism was thick in the air. In front of the live country music and line dancing, members of the…

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Jolly Good Media’s New Website

Welcome to our new website! We’re delighted to announce our newly designed and rejuvenated company website. The purpose of the redesign was to provide a sleeker modern look to house expanded information on our services like web design, web management and online marketing. We elected to go with a more monochrome color scheme than the previous…

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Lancaster Poppy Season – A Time to Think About Color

lancaster poppy reserve

For a few weeks every year, the otherwise dry, barren hills surrounding Lancaster burst into color. Tourists come from all over the world to hike the trails around the Lancaster Poppy Reserve. Amongst the bright orange poppies are other wildflowers that add purples, yellows and blues. To balance this theres still the dry grass and odd…

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The Simple Psychology Behind Why Your Website Needs Comments

The comment section of your website or blog is one of the most powerful tools in search engine optimization and social sharing. The biggest content websites out there never fail to neglect their communities input and neither should you. There is a simple psychology as to why comments are important to you. To a web…

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How to Use Categories and Tags in Blog Posts

Recently we’ve been looking at how to improve our clients wordpress blog posts to be more user friendly and search engine optimized. Today we’re looking at the use of categories and tags. Read time: 4 minutes Bottom line: Less is more, treat categories like chapters and tags like your index.  For someone new to blogging,…

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We're partners with STOP.THINK.CONNECT by the National Cyber Security Alliance

We’ve officially partnered with the STOP.THINK.CONNECT campaign by the National Cyber Security Alliance. This is a global cybersecurity awareness campaign that aims to help all digital citizens stay safer and more secure online. Here is a full list of over 600 partners including Paypal, Cisco, McAfee, banks, universities, and other businesses dedicated to security awareness.  The President Proclaimed…

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